We are rounding out this week’s Homemade Halloween costumes with this adorable last minute no-sew butterfly costume.  No one can resist a butterfly and I know this little girl loved spinning and twirling through our photo shoot.  This costume is cute and girlish in every way. We picked different shades of lavender and pink from Benzie Design Shop along with two matching felt balls for her antenna, but you can choose your little girls favorite colors as they have a large selection of lovely wool felt.  For her wings I found a shimmery purple fabric at my local fabric store that I cut with pinking shears.  We added a cute pink dress, pink tights and sparkly gold shoes to complete the ensemble.  She is ready to flutter through any garden or Halloween party and will definitely cast a happy spell on all on-lookers.

For tools you will need sharp fabric scissors, pinking sheers for the cape, an iron and a hot glue gun. I love to use pinking sheers for no-sew projects to keep any edges from fraying with the zig zag cut. I also used white chalk to draw the outline of my wings onto the fabric. Once you have gathered all of your materials and tools, you can download the butterfly mask pattern and guide for the  wings at the end of this post. I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial to show you how I assembled the mask and the cape.  For your cape you will need 1/2 yard to 1 yard of fabric depending on your child’s age. I used less than a 1/2 yard for this 3-year-old costume. You will want to pick up 2 yards of matching elastic ribbon to use for the mask, tie around the neck of the cape and wrist bands. You will also need a half yard of iron-on fuse, which you will need to assemble all of the pieces of your mask. I like using fuse better than hot glue on felt as it keeps things flat and crisp. Our Dragon and Butterfly are ready to fly off to celebrate Halloween, you can find the pattern and tutorial for the Dragon costume here.

Join us tomorrow for another last-minute wolf costume I found in our archives our grown-up Halloween party! ~ Lia