Homework StationSponsoredBy_FiskarsSome parents consider this their favorite time of the year. Back to school! Whether you are looking forward to getting the kids out of the house, or you’re feeling sad that you will have less time with them at home, you want to make sure to set your students up for academic success this school year. We designed a few downloads that you can use to set up an organized and inviting homework station for your students to work at home! 

Our homework station kit comes with cute monthly calendars and complementary stickers. Use the calendars to help your kids plan ahead while learning time management skills in an encouraging environment. You can print these calendars onto white card stock or regular copy paper depending on your preference. Once you complete the calendars with the correct month and dates, you can fill in the days to match your student’s schedule. The download also comes with a set of stickers to use as reminders for sports practices, music lessons, or important upcoming events. Print this sheet onto full sheet label paper. From there, you can cut the stickers out individually, or use a 1-inch Fiskars punch to trim them. After your stickers are ready, place them directly onto your calendar to create a color coding system. This organizational system is easy to use for students of all ages and will (hopefully!) make their daily and weekly tasks seem achievable.

If you are able to create this homework station space together with your kids, there is no way that they won’t feel motivated and inspired for the coming school year. Creating a designated homework station is also perfect for anyone involved with home schooling. A win-win for parents and students! For even more organization solutions, be sure to also check out our free printable back to school labels to mark your kids’ school supplies. Cheers to the next generation of geniuses! ~ Lia  

Homework StationHomework Station

Find the free homework station printables on the Fiskars website here.