Decorated MannequinYou may remember this dress form and mannequin that I display in my bedroom when I gave you a home tour of that room last fall. As a seamstress, I love the look of the forms especially when they are a bit weathered and aged. The smaller mannequin was something I had picked up at a retail display store, and it was neither old or new and had a torn knit cover over the foam body. It was purchased as a base to build my first paper dress that I made for Xerox and after it had served that purpose I knew I needed to give it yet another life as a decorative piece in my house. To give the newer mannequin a vintage look, I first removed the torn fabric from the foam then applied leaf shapes cuts of yellowed French violin music with modge podge. Oh what fun! This was a few years ago and I still just love this piece. The mannequin now a paper covered sculpture that is perfect to display in my design studio or bedroom. Here are the before and after shots. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Refinished Mannequin Mannequin decorated in paper