Indigo_Boho_ChandelierOne of my favorite parts of our indigo boho table setting is the crazy chandelier. For the setting I wanted a statement piece that would look great for a backyard event or outdoor dining on the beach. To make this chandelier, we started with an old white frame that I picked up at a second hand store. Adding the fishing line to hang it in our work space we began attaching strips of indigo dip dyed cotton around the whole frame with hot glue. Here comes the magic. We then secured the battery pack of four of these string lights to each corner of the frame. Once hung in place, the lights make a natural tangle which gave it the look I was looking for. It was quite surprising how much light this actually gave to the dinner table after the sun set. The perfect touch, that enchanted evening, was the soft breeze moving the fabric strips over our heads. Even though I was in the middle of Portland, I swear I could hear ocean waves in the background. Haha.  Enjoy! ~ Lia

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