Shibori_TieDye_Indigo_LeatherToday I wanted to share my indigo tote bags with you and hope that you will feel inspired to make your own at home! My team and I were excited to experiment with various indigo dying techniques and so a couple weeks ago we got messy in the yard of our studio – we dipped, we dyed, we played, experimented and came up with a whole heap of new lovely things in varying shades of that gorgeous indigo dye. One of my favorites were these indigo tote bags. I found these blank tote bags online, they are made from a lovely natural cotton canvas and so pick up the dye really well. Our techniques varied from simple dip dying to experimenting with traditional shibori techniques. Try folding your tote several times and securing it to a block of wood with rubber bands to create rectangular grid patterns or bunch parts of the bag in your hand and secure them with rubber bands to achieve circular patterns. The bands restrict the flow of dye to those areas of fabric resulting in these pretty shapes and patterns.

I added a little extra punch to my totes by adding leather handles and bases to some of them. Just use your seam ripper to remove the existing handles or cut the bottom off the existing bag and sew in a fabric or leather of your choice. This just takes a little imagination and a pinch of confidence so go head and be bold with your creations! I will admit to being slightly in love with all the indigo dye tote bags! I will also admit to not knowing which one I love the best! Show me your indigo dipped projects my uploading images to the comments section below or sharing with me across Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #liagriffith hashtag. I can’t wait to see what you have been up to! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Indigo_TieDye_Leather_DIY_Bags_ShiboriDIY_Indigo_Shibori_TieDye_Leather_Bags Indigo_Leather_Shibori_TieDye_DIY_Bags DIY_Shibori_Indigo_Tie_Dye_Leather_Bags Leather_DIY_Shibori_TieDye_Indigo Shibori_Leather_Tote_Bags_DIY