The Bold and the Beautiful 

Bougainvillea flowers are a symbol of passion and beauty. With their gorgeous shades of pink and red — it’s not difficult to see why. Bougainvillea produce tiny white flowers which are surrounded by waxy, brightly colored leaves called bracts. So, believe it or not, those breathtaking shades of pink and purple that you see on this bougainvillea aren’t pretty petals — they’re leaves!

The white flowers of the Bougainvillea are very small, so your needle-nose tweezers will definitely come in handy when making this flower. Don’t be intimidated by the more technical aspects of this project — we’ll be right there crafting along with you. Our video tutorial will show you how to use your curling tool and steel ball shaping tool to make the distinctive pink leaves of your bougainvillea ultra-realistic. 

Once complete, you’ll have a lovely bouquet to brighten up your space and bring a touch of French culture into your home. Share your crafting success with us in our crafting community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. 




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