jumbo frosted paper hydrangeasHoly Hydrangeas! 

Our jumbo frosted paper hydrangeas are a Pacific Northwestern dream come true. As the focal point of our Pacific Northwest bouquet for Cricut, these flowers are one of our very favorites. With the help of the all-new Cricut Maker, we were able to create these in no time! Use our SVG or PDF files, and follow our step-by-step tutorial to craft your own today. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Pacific Northwestern whimsy with our dogwood and fiddleheads! Until then, happy crafting!

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Wrap the wooden dowel (cut to desired size) with green floral tape.
  3. Cut the large foam ball in half.
  4. Cut out circles of light blue tissue paper. Mod Podge tissue circles over the entire surface of your foam ball, including the underside after the top dries. Let dry completely before attaching flowers.
  5. Cut out the hydrangea flowers (a cutting machine is recommended). We cut out 2 sheets of each color (6 total) to cover the 8” foam ball. Curl petals inward using the edge of a pair of scissors.
  6. Glue flowers onto the foam ball with hot glue in a varied placement.
  7. Layer flowers for more texture.
  8. Cut out hydrangea leaves and fold them along the score lines.
  9. Shade leaves using a green art marker along the score lines for more detail. Curl leaves outward from the middle using the edge of a pair of scissors.
  10. Cut floral wire and glue the end to the backs of the leaves.
  11. Stick the hydrangea flower ball onto the wooden dowel, slightly tilted forward. Add a bit of hot glue to secure. Wrap the wire onto the leaves with floral tape and attach to the stem of the hydrangea.
  12. Add more flowers around the bottom edge to cover the foam. You can also glue hydrangea leaves to the underside, depending on how you want your flower arrangement to look.

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