Pencil Pouch and Coin BagOur most recent Spoonflower fabric design features the patterns to make a matching set that includes a drawstring backpack, pillow, and multiple zipper pouches. Today we are spotlighting the cute zipper pencil pouch and coin bag. These pouches are great for teaching your kids some basic organizational skills, and they are so convenient for when they need to quickly grab things while you are on the go! 

There are two sets of fabric to choose from, one with pastel colors, and one with more vibrant colors. The pastel fabric set features the blue and yellow polka dot pencil case with the matching blue coin bag. The deeper-toned fabric set includes the teal and red checkered pencil pouch with a complementary teal coin bag. Head over to Spoonflower to purchase the fabric sets in a material that matches your preference. Any fabric option that is at least 54 inches wide will work for these patterns. We used heavy cotton twill for our set, but the organic cotton knit, linen cotton canvas, and eco canvas are also the correct sizes for the designs. When you order the fabric, it will include enough material to make every project in the set! 

To make these pouches, you will also need to buy some lightweight zipper from a craft or fabric store. For some added cuteness, tie a small piece of ribbon to the zipper. You will need a sewing machine to put together the pencil pouch and coin bag, but it will only take the most basic sewing skills to achieve these projects! Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to stitch the pencil pouch and coin bag together. Once your pouches are complete, you can add your kids’ names to their pouch to keep them in order. We used a basic black Sharpie on ours and they turned out great!   

Find the tutorials for the backpacks and kids pillows, and stay tuned for the supply pouch coming soon. These sets would be wonderful to give as birthday or back to school gifts, or it could be a great opportunity to introduce the basics of using a sewing machine to your kids! Your kids will appreciate the fun and pretty patterns, and you will appreciate how organized their goodies and supplies will be. I would definitely call that a win-win! ~ Lia   

Coin Bagsupply_bag_tutorial