Knit WreathA Cozy Handmade Winter Wreath

We love playing around with textures in home decor, and one of our top tips for transitioning your decor is to find a texture that can reflect the season. For winter, we particularly love yarn and felt for a warm and cozy material with tons of beautiful color options. Here we are combining the two to create this fun and crafty knit wreath!



  • Super Tuff Puff Yarn
  • Foam Wreath Form (any size)
  • Tissue Paper (optional; for covering the wreath form)


Start this project by gathering your tools and materials. Then, print the PDF pattern for knitting the wreath. The pattern is an alternation of knit and purl stitches, and we have added videos on those each of those stitches below. While you are knitting, leave tails of yarn that you can use to sew up the wreath at the end. Before adding the knitting to the wreath form, we wrapped the foam with strips of tissue paper. This makes the form less scratchy to work with, and it also prevents the foam from flaking off onto the yarn. To finish the knit wreath, use a jumbo sewing needle (something with an eye large enough to thread the yarn) and enclose the knitting around the wreath form with a simple whip stitch.

After sewing up the form, you can start decorating your wreath in any way you want! Take a look at our photo tutorial for instructions on making the loopy yarn pom and the spiky felt pom. To attach the poms, we used a crochet hook to tie the tails to the knitting. Simple!


Wreaths can be the ultimate DIY project for personalized home decor. We wanted to create something that looks like it just radiates warmth, so we added an assortment of felt and yarn pom poms. For a cute February touch, we also included a few simple felt hearts. We used 100% wool yarn for our knit wreath, but wool blends would work just as well. There are lots of places to buy yarn, and we picked out our yarn from Knit Picks. This yarn came in a hank, so before starting the project we wound the hank into center pull ball. You can watch our instructional video for this process below!

Get Inspired!

If you’re feeling inspired to make more DIYs with yarn, browse through all of our knitting projects on the site. Find more DIY wreaths in our home decor section, like our paper winter wreath or our felt ball wreath. Head to our membership page to start crafting with us, or get in on the creative process by leaving a comment with your project suggestions! We love celebrating your crafting successes, so please share your project photos with us using #MadeWithLia on Instagram. Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team

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