SponsoredBy_KnitPicksOur latest knitting project is now ready for you to conquer! We began our knitting projects with the beautiful teal garter stitch pillow, and now we are venturing in to the world of stockinette stitching. Just as our easy garter stitch pillow, this stockinette stitch pillow is a beginners knitting project with a gorgeous result.

Armed with our Knit Picks Tuff Puff yarn in Silver, we set out to create a cozy pillow with pretty button details. To make this stockinette stitch pillow, you will need size 15 knitting needles, 5 skeins of yarn per pillow, a knitting cable, and an 18-inch pillow form. Find the links for our knitting materials below! You should be able to find pillow forms at any local fabric store. Making a stockinette stitch pillow will use a combination of knit stitches, purl stitches, and whip stitches. Follow our handy instructional videos below to help you master each stitch!

Begin your pillow by casting on and use a knit stitch to form the first row. Turn your knitting work around and then purl stitch the second row. Continuously repeating these two rows creates a stockinette stitch. For the top and bottom seams of our stockinette stitch pillow, we added a knit stitch to create a pretty raised edge. We then used whip stitches to close the sides of the pillow. Choose a set of three pretty buttons to complete your pillow, and then finish by binding off. Download the pattern below for the full instructions!

This simple and soft pillow would be so easy to incorporate into any home or office decor. Use different colors and buttons to customize your pillow to fit your personal style! Look forward to our tutorials for a ribbed knit pillow and easy dish cloths, coming soon! Get all the updates on the projects we share daily by looking into our membership options or following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. See you next time! ~ Lia


Techniques Used:

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Tuff Puff Yarn | Size 15 Knitting Needles | 32 inch Knitting Cable