Start your macrame ornaments by choosing your cord. We used an inexpensive acrylic cord, but cotton cording is also a great option. Once you start crafting you may decide that you want to give these macrame ornaments some extra flair. The good news is that you have options! Take this project up a notch by using any kind of fabric dye to color your rope in your favorite holiday color schemes. If you are going to do this make sure that you are using the cotton cord. Dye will not absorb into the acrylic rope that we used. After dying the rope you can begin forming your knots. You can also add some glitter or bead accents if you’re feeling particularly inspired.

We do have some written instructions for this project, but you will definitely want to use the photo tutorial to form the knots. Find both in the downloads below! Some of our tips and tricks for this project: when you are tightening the knot, make sure to pull the rope evenly throughout the knot. Slowly shimmy the rope through the interweaving so that the knot can come together in a cohesive way. After the knot is looking nice and tight, you can use some hot glue to hold everything in place. We added some glue between the bights, which is the name for where the ropes overlap. We also glued down the ends in the back to keep them from fraying. Next, add a loop of embroidery floss or pretty ribbon to the top of the ornament. We also glued this to the rope to secure.

Your first ornament may be a learning experience, but once you have the technique down these macrame ornaments are a breeze to make. Some of your ornaments may turn out a bit lumpy or concave, but this is normal. To flatten them, we covered the macrame ornaments with a cloth napkin and pressed a hot iron on them for 3 or 4 seconds. Be careful not to burn the cord here! If you want to continue working with this nostalgic material, browse through all of our macrame projects. Find more Christmas inspiration here, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of crafty fun. Cheers! ~ Lia and the Team