Macrame Knot NecklaceMacrame has made quite the comeback and the team and I are loving the style and decor opportunities. Not only is it fashionable, but it is also extremely affordable. Yes please! This summer we created a DIY macrame necklace with thin cotton twine and copper accents, and now we’re seeing what we can do with thick macrame cord. Voila! Here is our macrame knot necklace that can act as a trendy fashion statement to pair with any outfit during any season.

There is no template associated with this project, but we do have printable instructions outlining the necessary materials and tools. Because this knotting technique is best learned visually, we highly recommend referring to the photo tutorial! We started by choosing some macrame cord on Amazon – find the link in Shop this Project. We went for their cream color, but they have a huge selection of colors to satisfy your creative inclinations. Once you have your materials ready, measure your length of cord. Our knot necklace design uses just under 10 feet of cord, and it was the perfect size to slip on and off without having to unclasp. You can easily customize your length if you would like something that hangs a bit lower!

Finish off your knot necklace by adding a decorative button clasp. We had those pearly off-white buttons lying around the studio, so we attached those to match our cream color scheme. If you love working with macrame, try out our macrame plant holder or cute macrame wall hangings for your DIY home decor! Or, browse all of our DIY jewelry projects for a whole variety of wonderful accessories and gift ideas. Any ideas for what macrame project we should create next? Email your suggestions into us to be a part of the creative process! Use #DIYDreamingWithLia to share your project photos on Instagram, or follow our social channels to glimpse the latest. Cheers! ~ Lia and the Team

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