I love to cook and in the past my pantry would have been spilling over with different bags of flour, pastas, spices, sugars, nuts and anything else I could squeeze in there. It was a nightmare. . . and one I don’t want to repeat! I have shared pantry labels before and have been always been asked to share my pantry – well here it is! It took a little bit of time to get it organized. We started the pantry update by lining the shelves with my own mint and teal stripe design that I printed as removable wallpaper from Spoonflower. You may remember first seeing it in my kitchen redesign on my open shelves. I then picked up the selection of jars at Ikea and pretty storage baskets from Target. I’m most proud of my spice drawer. Using strips of baseboard cut to length, painted white and glued flat across the bottom of the drawer, we created little mini shelves inside our spice drawer. This makes the spice jars tilt slightly upwards meaning that they are super easy to grab when I’m cooking. These little jars are from World Market and are the perfect size for all your spices and with the labels stuck neatly on the front, finding the right spice for your meal couldn’t be easier. Hop on over to Online Label for your blank full sheet labels, then download our labels from their blog. The fonts we used are Nickainley and Klinic Slab You have a couple of designs to choose from – a modern Scandinavian influenced design or a very elegant, vintage bracket design. We like to mix and match our labels in the pantry which I think works really well. Once you have opened the file you can alter the text to suit your needs and add your own pantry staples. Once printed you can cut or punch out your labels with circular hole punches from Amazon. We used a 1.5″ circular punch for the spice labels, an oval punch for the jar labels and a corner cutter for the straight labels making them extra beautiful! I am loving my super organized and very pretty pantry and feel inspired bake this weekend. Perhaps a batch of those yummy gluten-free blueberry scones for Mother’s Day brunch?  Enjoy! ~ Lia

Kitchen_Pantry_Organized Pantry_Labels_Baking Pantry_Jars Scandinavian_Spice_Jar_Labels Spice_Drawer_DIY Spice_Labels_Teal_Scandinavian Panrty_Shelves Kitchen_Pantry_Organized