BugGiftsTags2Here at Lia Griffith HQ, we love creating sets of printable and projects to create a cohesive theme for parties, weddings, or decor. Our latest baby shower and nursery decor theme is our adorable Little Critters bug design that captures the innocent curiosity of all children. We started with editable birth announcements, then made matching baby shower invitations and printable gift wrap. Of course we had to follow up with some complementary baby shower gift tags! 

Once you have your Little Critters gift wrap printed for baby shower and birthday party gifts, you can choose between our collection of Little Critters gift tags to add to your presents. These baby shower gift tags include eight different printable options. There are Happy Birthday tags as well as generic tags that do not specify the occasion. This download also features four different circular stickers with the Little Critters pattern. Print the entire set of baby shower gift tags onto white card stock and trim to size. After your tags are printed, you can use a small circle punch to create a hole at the top of each tag for tying your tag to your gift. Or, instead of printing onto card stock, print the baby shower gift tags page onto full-sheet label paper to create gift tag stickers! The choice is yours, and both options would look adorable. 

I hope you like the Little Critters design series! Look forward to the next piece of this series, a personalized art print with editable text to add your child’s name. This print can be used for DIY nursery decor, or you can simply mirror the image to create an iron-on pattern for onesies, blankets, or backpacks! Stay updated with the projects that the team and I create daily by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And don’t hesitate to share your photos of your creations with me by sending them in! Lots of love ~ Lia