Macrame Knots Rope NecklaceMacra-Make Your Own Jewelry!

Who says gorgeous jewelry has to be expensive? Here at Lia’s studio, we make our own jewelry, and you can too with this macrame knots rope necklace! This project is super simple to make, so you can craft this gift or pretty accessory in no time!

All you have to do is gather the tools and materials, then follow our easy-peasy instructions. And if you’re new to crafts, don’t mope; get creative with macrame rope!

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  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of cotton clothesline or macramé cord about 20” long.
  3. Mark 9” in the middle of a piece of rope for where it will be wrapped with embroidery floss.
  4. Pick a color of floss and knot it around the rope where marked.
  5. Begin wrapping the rope with floss going in one direction, covering the knot and tail.
  6. Keep wrapping until you get to where you want to stop and start another color. Knot the end.
  7. Thread a needle with the floss and pass it under the wrapped floss.
  8. Snip the tail o closely.
  9. Begin wrapping with another color the same way, stopping at the second pencil mark.
  10. Wrap the second rope with the other 2 colors. You can have your ropes be color-blocked asymmetrically (as shown), symmetrically (50/50), or even add in more colors.
  11. To make a Carrick Bend Knot: make a loop with one rope on top of the second.
  12. Pass the second rope over and under the first on the left side.
  13. Weave the end through the first rope’s loop.
  14. Pull the ends tighter and adjust loops as desired. You can make the knot as loose or as tight as you want.
  15. Straighten the ends on one side in a slight curve upward (as if it were being worn). Knot about 9” up and trim the ends closely.
  16. On the opposite side, trim one of the rope ends 9” up and glue to the other rope.
  17. Form a small loop that is big enough to fit the knot. Glue the ends together.
  18. Wrap the glued area with embroidery floss that matches the rope, the same way as before.

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