DIY Felt Princess CrownWhen I was editing these photos for this post as well as the felt unicorn from last week, I noticed how I just could not stop smiling. What is happier than a little princess with her own unicorn to ride and topped with this adorable felt and lace crown? This crown is very simple to make using one piece of 12×18 felt for the base, and three small pieces of felt for the flowers and leaves.



I chose a crocheted style of lace for my crown though there are so many gorgeous choices that you can find at your fabric store in the trim or bridal department. To tie the crown onto the head I chose an elastic ribbon so that once tied it can be removed and replaced onto the head without having to retie, but still gives an option to resize for a smaller or larger head. The last two materials you will need is embroidery floss to do a blanket stitch around the edge and a string of tiny pearls for the final detail. You will see my tutorial for this simple to make crown below. Remember that every crown wearing princess needs her own magical felt unicorn. Stay tuned for the full princess birthday party coming up this spring! Cheers! ~ Lia

Pink Felt Crown for Your Little Princess DIY Felt Lace Princess Crown DIY Princess Crown Tutorial