DIY_Felt_Stick_UnicornI have a gorgeous pile of wool blend felt here in my studio that has been calling my name for the last few months. I am starting off my felt project series with a second version of the felt stick horses that I made almost a year ago but this one has a little white horn. Of course every little princess needs a unicorn to ride, right? For this version I used a blanket stitch with pink embroidery thread to add a little handmade detail. For the mane of the unicorn, the felt version of the horses was not quite right so instead I found this silky fringe in the wedding section of the fabric store to make the luxurious mane. One yard of fringe is plenty for each unicorn since I doubled it for a thicker mane. For the stick I bought a 1/2 inch dowel at the home improvement store and had it cut to 36 inches. Though the bare wood looks great, I painted my stick white before I started my project. You will find a great selection of wool blend felt from Benzie Design on Etsy. For this project I used a 12×18 piece of white. While you are ordering your unicorn felt, you may want to get some pretty colors for the matching felt and lace crown I will be sharing the tutorial for next Wednesday. (I used oats in 12×18, blush, pink, pistachio in 9×12). I have included the pattern for the unicorn below with a full set of step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the project. If you prefer using a sewing machine over the blanket stitch, you can use the tutorial from the stick horse and add the horn. Cheers! ~ Lia

DIY_Felt_Stick_Unicorn_Horse Running_White_Unicorn Princess_with_Felt_Unicorn Princess_Unicorn_Felt_DIY Princess_and_Unicorn StickUnicornTutorial