Ferns are a type of greenery that are beautiful all year round. I absolutely love ferns! This past winter, we received a reader request to make paper ferns that he could incorporate into a botanical scene that he was creating. We, of course, thought it was a wonderful idea! Months later, as we are now heading into spring, we decided to make this beautiful, easy-to-make paper fern wreath as an homage to our natural surroundings (Portland is full of ferns!).

Fern Wreath

Fun with ferns

You will find three fern shapes in our template below. Download the SVG file if you are using a cutting machine, or the PDF if you are cutting by hand. We chose three shades of green text weight metallic paper to add some variation and depth to our paper fern wreath.




Begin the project by creating your wreath base. You can find basic wreath bases at your local craft store, or you can make your own. For this paper fern wreath, we decided to make our own base using paper covered floral wire.

Make a circle with your floral wire, then continue wrapping floral wire around the circle five or so times. The amount of times that you should wrap floral wire around your circle base all depends on how thick you want your fern wreath to be. The beauty of paper covered floral wire is that it works really well with hot glue, so when you have finished wrapping your floral wire, simply glue the end of your floral wire into your twisted base. Now you are ready to glue your ferns.

Scatter your ferns around the wreath form and secure them with hot glue. Easy! It is up to you how full and leafy you would like to make your paper fern wreath.

Fern Wreath
Fern Wreath
Fern Wreath

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This simple wreath would be beautiful to incorporate into your DIY home decor during any season of the year. Hang it on your front door to greet your guests and they enter your home, or add one to your kitchen for an earthy accent. And stay tuned for some beautiful potted ferns coming up soon! Until next time ~ Lia