Take the Day Off

To keep your skin looking fresh, dermatologists always recommend washing your face and removing your makeup at the end of the day. As anyone who regularly wears makeup would know, your mascaras and eyeliners can do some serious damage to light colored towels! I was recently staying in a hotel that specifically offered black towels for makeup removal, which gave me the idea that we should add some sort of DIY spin on the concept. Fast forward to this project design – makeup washcloths with custom iron-ons and ribbon. Start by picking up a set of regular washcloths at your nearest home goods store. Be sure to get a dark color like navy or black. We found ours at Ikea for a great price, and you can find a link in Shop this Project.

Picking Your Designs

Before adding any designs, you will want to wash your washcloths. They need to be pre-shrunk before sewing anything onto them! We created two different makeup washcloths – one with an iron-on design and one with a pretty graphic ribbon. We were initially only going to do an iron-on for this, but then found that fabulous ribbon at our local fabric store. Luckily the “You are Beautiful” ribbon is available online too, so you can get some for yourself! Adding the ribbon strip is as easy as sewing a straight stitch with your sewing machine using matching thread. We placed the ribbon across the ribbed area of the washcloth because it matched the width exactly.

To use the “Take the Day Off” design, download the SVG file for your cutting machine. You can choose any color of iron on vinyl to customize your specific washcloths. We cut ours onto copper foil for a fancy metallic accent. Because iron-on doesn’t apply super well to terry cloth, we decided to apply to a cotton fabric first, and then sew the cotton piece onto the washcloth in the same way we sewed the ribbon. Just make sure that you prewash your cotton quilting fabric too!

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Makeup Washcloths

Ikea Washcloths | “Beautiful” Ribbon | Cricut | Foil Iron On