DIY Blanket ScarfOur master seamstress is at it again! First she knit this beautifully simple ribbed wool scarf, and now she’s showing us how to make a stylish blanket scarf for the cold months ahead. This DIY blanket scarf project is the easiest thing in the world – any non-crafter can do it. All you need is a length of fabric from your local fabric store and you are in business!

As usual, we found our fabric at Fabric Depot. We used a yarn-dyed flannel to make our scarf as cozy as possible, but you should select any fabric that you feel inspired to wrap around yourself for the next few months. The specific fabric we found was Studio E Fabrics “Color Catcher” in black and grey. If you like the print, it is also available in other color combinations. Generally, we recommend using natural fibers like cotton or wool, and no knits. Thicker threads are better for making your DIY blanket scarf, and be sure it is a woven thread rather than a printed thread – this is important for creating the frayed edges of the scarf.

Once you pick out your fabric, you will need two yards in total. When you bring the fabric home, you can use a nice pair of scissors to straighten out the cut edges (sometimes the fabric store is not the most precise with cutting!). Often for fabric projects we suggest pre-washing the material, but this project is an exception. Do not wash your fabric because it will make it more difficult to style the edges! From here, start gently pulling threads along the cut edges to fray the edges. We made about a 2-inch wide fray, but you can make the fray any size you’d like. You can even create fringe by twisting the fray. It’s all up to you! Find our step-out photos at the end of the post for reference.

No sewing, no knitting, just a super easy DIY blanket scarf. You can make one for yourself, or you can make a set as gift for loved ones! If you’re needing some gift inspiration, give the gift of creativity with on of our gift memberships. See you soon! ~ Lia and the Team

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