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This flower baby Halloween costume is made out of felt that we picked up from our local fabric shop. We used five colors of felt in total: two shades of pink for the petals, light yellow for the center, green for the leaves, and brown for the pot. No matter what felt you get for your baby’s flower halloween costume, it is important to get large sheets so that you can cut the petals and pot. You will also need a green onesie and yellow baby beanie to use as the base of this no-sew costume. 

How to Make this Flower Costume

Once you have your felt, all you need to make this flower baby Halloween costume is scissors, hot glue, and a bit of pink art marker to add detailing to the petals. Print the free PDF template as a guide for cutting your felt. We specifically cut the green leaves with pinking shears to give them a bit of interest. If you would like to create a crease in the leaves to mimic veins, simply add a layer of hot glue down the center of the leaf. Because the petals are large (they are about 8.5 inches long), you will want to use two layers of felt to make them less flimsy. We used this as an opportunity to create double sided petals with two shades of pink felt. Head over to the Fiskars site to follow our step-by-step tutorial as you craft this costume for your little one!

After you finish your felt flower baby halloween costume, you can throw together your part of the costume with a basic denim shirt, gardening gloves, and a gardening hat. I love this project because it’s made out of easily accessible materials and it is a truly adorable costume that will keep your little one warm during the middle of fall! If you want to get really crafty, you could even use a harness as the base of the flower pot so that you do not have to carry your little bloom in your arms all night. Stay tuned for our next no-sew baby costume idea — a super cute owl!

Want more ideas for Halloween? Browse all of our Halloween projects and feel free to write in with any suggestions you may have for future projects. Enjoy! ~ Lia DIY flower baby Halloween costumeflower baby Halloween costumeMom in gardener costume with flower baby Halloween costume

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