The best baby Halloween costume is the kind that goes together with a costume for the parents too. This owl baby Halloween costume is an easy, no-sew costume idea that any parent can quickly throw together. I promise that this adorable owl and tree costume combo will be a hit at any Halloween celebration! And the best part is that both of you will stay nice and warm for the entire night.

Baby Halloween Costume
Whooo’s That Cutie?

Before beginning this DIY project, pick out your felt colors for the owl’s feathers and face as well as the leaves for your tree costume. You will also need a blue onesie and brown adult hoodie for the foundation of the owl and tree costumes. I have added links in the “Shop this Project” section (see below) for the onesie and hoodie that we found! No matter what onesie you end up getting, make sure that it has a hood so that you can add the owl’s facial details.

Once you have these materials, you can begin crafting the owl baby Halloween costume. Print the PDF template below and use the shapes as a guide for cutting your felt. After your felt pieces are cut, all you need is a hot glue gun to complete the project! Layer the feathers with varying shades of blue and glue on the tummy pieces. For step-by-step instructions, you can find a photo tutorial on the Fiskars site here.

To see our other no-sew baby Halloween costumes, check out our felt flower costume here. Browse all of our Halloween projects to get you ready for the holiday, or head to our membership page to start crafting the other projects on the site. I am dying to see how you dress up your little owls, so if you end up making this costume combo please share your photos with me and the team! Post your project photos on Instagram using #MadeWithLia, or email them to me and our team at Happy Halloween! ~ Lia

Mom in DIY tree costume holding baby in DIY owl baby Halloween costume
Mom holding baby in DIY owl Baby Halloween Costume
Mom holding baby in DIY owl Baby Halloween Costume
DIY owl Baby Halloween Costume

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