Office_Corkboard_PatternThis week is a week of new beginnings for me! I have always dreamed of having a creative business where I can join with a group of like minded and make things happen. Well, after 17 months of working solo (and very long hours), I am delighted that two talented ladies have joined me in my little studio. To make space for more work spaces we did some major rearranging, clearing out the craft room and redesigning it as a full on creative office. I will share photos of the finished room and the new craft room soon, but today I will show you how we made a jumbo cork board that is not only a perfect place to keep our inspiration for upcoming projects, but is oh so stylish too! This cork board wall was made from 12 packages of the cork tiles from Michaels. We attached them to the wall after measuring and marking the area it would cover. We then used the painter’s tape to make the graphic pattern and painted with a quart of white wall paint. What a great way to keep our creative inspiration organized as we jump into the next phase of the growing business. This would make a great cork board for a student too, don’t you think? ~ Lia