Looking for some fun and simple summer crafts? Check out our Tropical Leaves Kit! You can make so many cute projects with it, like this paper tropical garland — or this tropical wreath we created a while back. 

The kit includes 20 die-cut sheets, so you can easily pop out all of the pieces for this paper craft. Or you can download our free template below if you want to use your own paper for the leaves. Everything else you need is listed below in our tools & materials list, plus we’ve included a video tutorial to help you craft this beautiful project.

painted leaf tropical garland craft camp

‘Tis the Sea-Sun for Tropical Decor

This paper tropical garland is perfect for summer parties and special events. Or you can use it as home decor throughout the season. When you’re ready to start crafting, Emily’s video tutorial will walk you through this DIY project from start to finish. 

Along with learning how to assemble your own garland, you’ll learn some watercolor tips for adding more detail and texture to your tropical leaves. However, you can always use markers or colored pencils instead. Either way, this is a fun and easy way to experiment with adding color to your paper crafts.

If you’d like to create a more custom design, you can use whatever colors you prefer for this project. Or use what you have on hand! 

Skill level: Beginner

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DIY tropical decor for summer party
DIY painted paper monstera leaf
painted paper tropical leaf
paper tropical garland and paper palm tree straw toppers

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