Our graphic designer Lindsay has been creating all kinds of fabulous party decor for us these last couple of weeks! After crafting these pretty tropical paper lanterns, she made these flamingo straw toppers. And now today she made these adorable palm tree straw toppers! How cute would it be to do a mix of the flamingos and the palm trees for your party drinks?

Just download the DIY template below to start crafting your palm tree straw toppers. And if you need a fun cocktail drink, we’ve got you covered!

We’re Coconuts for this Party DIY

Because we’re all about the little details, Lindsay also added tiny coconuts to these palm tree straw toppers. This is super easy to do with our small cotton spun balls and some brown acrylic paint! As they are drying, you can get started on cutting the leaves.

For the palm leaves, we cut our SVG file below with our cutting machine. But you can also print out our PDF template and cut the leaves by hand with detail scissors. Once you have your pieces cut, just follow the simple four-step tutorial below.

Since we are always looking for ways to reduce our use of plastic, we typically use paper straws when crafting straw toppers. For this project, we used brown kraft paper straws, which are perfect for creating the trunk of the palm tree. And they’re biodegradable!

We’d love to see your party setup when it’s all done, so make sure to tag your pictures on Instagram or Facebook with #MadeWithLia. Enjoy! ~ Lia and team




  1. Paint small cotton spun balls brown to look like small coconuts. Allow to dry completely.
  2. Cut pattern using your cutting machine or scissors. Fold palm leaves along score marks; then curl leaves with a curling tool.
  3. Push the paper straw through the hole in one set of leaves; add a dab of glue and then add the second set of leaves, offsetting to fill in spaces between the first set. Add smallest circular leaf piece to the top and then glue in place.
  4. Glue 2–3 coconuts on underside of leaves.

DIY palm tree straw toppers handcrafted palm tree straw topperpalm tree straw toppers Handmade palm tree straw toppersDIY palm tree straw toppers palm tree straw toppers for party drinks

Party On

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