LetterGarland_1Our pretty papercut alphabet letters were first shared as a cute wedding decor project, but you guys wanted more! We received a reader request to make a banner that she could use for her daughter’s graduation party, and we thought it was a fabulous idea. So we have designed the full “A” through “Z” set plus an “&” so that you can create a truly personal spring garland. These alphabet letters are designed using our pretty Spring Blossom pattern, making them perfect for a baby’s room or party celebrating a special occasion. Use the letters to spell out names or sweet messages like “Happy Birthday.” If you have a cutting machine, you can click on the SVG file below and upload the design directly onto your machine. Use a good quality metallic paper in a color of your choice – we love using metallic papers because of the way the light bounces from it. You could just as easily use a matte paper if that’s more your style – let your creativity flourish! Cut these letters out and frame them for your child’s room, or place them directly onto the wall. One way to adhere the letters to a flat wall is to use your cutting machine to cut these letters out on vinyl. You can then stick the vinyl directly onto your wall (don’t worry, this won’t damage the wall!) or any other flat surf, such as a laptop case. Reduce the size of the design and you can even create your own monogrammed phone case!

We are also sharing this design as a PDF, which you can download and print out on your printer at home. Use white card stock or regular printer paper for this version. Trim to size, use a circle punch to cut little holes in the top of each letter, then string together with ribbon or twine – perfect! We would love to see how you use these pretty alphabet letters, so feel free to share pics of your garland with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia – we will always share our faves! See you soon ~ Lia