Paper Graduation CapAt high school and college graduations, each graduate wears a special cap with a tassel while participating in the ceremony. Don’t let your little ones feel left out! If you have a little one finishing the school year, let them join in on the graduation fun by making a cute DIY paper graduation cap! 

Assembling a paper graduation cap is so simple and can be used in so many ways. All you need is black card stock to make your cap, which you can find at any local craft store. Begin by downloading our template below. Use the PDF file if you are cutting by hand, or the SVG if you are using a cutting machine. The download includes the template to make the band for the cap, as well as the circular piece for attaching your tassel. Cut the template out on card stock and adjust the band to fit the head size of the person or child who will be wearing the paper graduation cap. The pointy part of the band should be in the front of the cap so that it rests on the person’s forehead. Assemble the band using glue or tape, and fold the top flaps inward. Then, take a square sheet of black card stock and attach it on top of the folded flaps. The top of our cap measures 10 x 10 inches. Next, add the circular piece to the top of the cap. We cut two circular pieces of card stock using the template. Stick a brad (also known as a paper fastener) through one of the circular pieces, and then glue the second circular piece on top to cover the brad. Poke the brad through the center of the top of the cap and secure it.

Now that your paper graduation cap is assembled, you can add a tassel to complete the project. Of course, we had to go with our favorite metallic color, copper. To match our paper cap, we decided to make a tissue paper tassel, but this would also look great with an embroidery floss tassel! For our easy technique to make professional DIY tassels, find our step-by-step photo tutorial here. This tutorial is for an embroidery floss tassel, but you can use the same process to make your tissue paper tassels. Simply tie your tassel around the circular center piece of the cap, and the cap is ready for wearing! I love the idea of seeing these adorable paper caps at a kindergarten graduation. Or, they would look great to use as decor for your graduation party. If you are hosting a celebration for your graduate, be sure to also check out our editable graduation party invitations! Congrats graduates of all ages! ~ Lia

Paper Graduation CapPaper Graduation Cap