Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Pieces of the Bouquet

Our botanical bridal bouquet features ferns, seeded eucalyptus, eucalyptus leaves, olive branches, lemon leaves and succulents. My best tip for making paper botanicals is to use text weight paper rather than cardstock. The lighter paper is easier to curl, and once you attach all the leaves to the foam base it will look much more natural than cardstock. You can cut the leaves in any shades of green that you like, or use the exact papers that we used here. Head over to our post on Paper Papers website to download the patterns for this greenery wedding bouquet, then follow our video tutorial below as you craft!

Crafting Instructions

The base of the bouquet is made by covering half a foam ball with tissue. The tissue will make it so that none of the foam will show through, plus it is much easier to glue the leaves to tissue rather than the foam. DIY is best taught visually, so watch our full video tutorial below to make your own botanical bridal bouquet.

What Next?

For another paper greenery project that you can make for your wedding or home decor, be sure to see our lush greenery chandelier. Browse through all of our frosted paper flower tutorials for more opportunities to use this gorgeous paper, or take a look at our collection of SVG cut files to inspire more projects you can make with your cutting machine. We believe creativity brings people together, and you can learn more about why we do what we do on our membership page. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of DIY goodness, and always feel free to leave a comment with any project suggestions you have! See you soon ~ Lia & Team

Botanical Bridal Bouquet





  • Greenery Templates
  • Text Weight Paper – Moss, Fairway, Botanic, Opal, Jellybean Green, Transluscent Leaf Vellum [Botanic and Leaf Vellum have been discontinued; use similar papers as suggested at]
  • 6″ Foam Ball
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • 2 Wooden Skewers or 1 Dowel
  • 20 Gauge Floral Wire
  • Ribbon