Magnolia Flower Napkin Rings

You can craft these paper magnolia napkin rings for a special event. Or use them to make an everyday dinner look a little more pretty! Another fun idea is to add a fresh greenery table runner. Of course, you can craft some paper greenery instead to use as a table runner or to decorate each place setting.

In my video tutorial below, you will learn how to make these paper flowers step by step. You will also see how I colored part of my petals to give these paper blooms some beautiful detail and depth. If you have any questions while crafting, just ask!


Start by printing the PDF template below for the magnolia buds. They are slightly smaller than the buds we included on our magnolia branch, but the crafting process is the same. Head over to that post to see our photo tutorial for assembling your pretty blooms. You can also watch our easy video tutorial below!

The main difference will be bending the floral wire to make these paper magnolias fit your napkins and glasses. We used a thin floral wire because it is generally easier to bend than a thicker wire. See our photo below for a visual of how we looped the wire for our paper magnolia napkin rings. You can use needle-nose pliers here to help you bend the wire.

If you want to add another bud to your napkin decor, you can craft it on a separate wire, trim it down, and then combine the two steps by wrapping floral wire around them. Play around to create a design that works best for you! Our finishing touch to these buds was to add a paper leaf, which you can find in the download below.

Since it is always good to practice gratitude as much as possible, we added a little message about what we are grateful for. You can do the same or print the blank leaves to use as place cards on your table settings. Or, turn them into wine charms by punching a hole through the stem of the leaf. Up to you!

Get Inspired!

Paper magnolia napkin rings are just one option for adding some floral accents to your table settings. Browse all of our crepe paper flowers for more inspiration! Find all the pieces in our Botanical Easter Brunch setting, or look through our DIY Easter projects to get you in the holiday spirit.

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