Crepe Paper Magnolia Branch
Branching Out for Spring

Magnolias start budding in late March and early April, just in time for the first days of spring. Because Easter is the ultimate spring holiday, our maker Jessica came up with this gorgeous magnolia branch design to incorporate into our botanical Easter brunch setting. Of course, a crepe paper magnolia branch is perfect for any spring or summer decor! We have a lot of magnolia branches growing around Portland, and the pretty white blooms with soft pink buds always seem to brighten up the day. Just when we thought we couldn’t make it through any more winter months, spring comes along to show us how much there is to look forward to!




  • Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  • Print the PDF template at the bottom of the post and cut your crepe pieces according to the template. The number of blooms, buds and leaves will vary depending on the size of the branch you are crafting. We created 30 blooms and buds for two branches.
  • Using marker, color sepals and petals by gently brushing in the direction of the grain.
  • Stick floral wire into the foam ball and glue. Create three types of centers: green, coral, and coral with fringe.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.


Because we are blessed with tons of different trees and natural surroundings in Portland, we were able to find a real branch that we could use as the base of this project. You should also be able to find a nice branch at your local craft store, or you can form your own using paper covered floral wire. Whenever we are adding marker detailing to our crepe flowers, we like using either Copic brand or Winsor & Newton. If you are a newbie to crafting with crepe, we always recommend watching our Crepe Paper 101 video for tips on cutting and stretching the material. You can find all of our crepe materials in shop this project below!

UPDATE: Refer to Tools and Materials above for the most up-to-date information as some items in our video are no longer available.

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