Paper Orange BlossomA Handmade Blooming Branch Perfect for Winter

A blooming branch can be a gorgeous piece of home decor, especially for late winter and early spring. To me, blooming branches represent a rebirth – being able to start again with renewed energy. Lots of citrus botanicals tend to bloom in winter and early spring, so we made this showstopping paper orange blossom to celebrate this beautiful seasonal offering. The more that this branch came to life, the more we absolutely fell in love with it. 




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Cut out your crepe pieces according the the PDF template. Then, cut out several circles of orange tissue paper about 2 inches in diameter.
  3. Create a small circular loop at the top end of the floral wire (see photo in photo tutorial). 
  4. Cover the loop in the wire with two circular pieces of Chiffon colored crepe.
  5. Twist each piece of fringe and glue around the center of the flower.
  6. Glue 5 white petals equally spaced around the center. Pull centers of petals then glue around base of flower.
  7. Assemble the leaves by gluing the two sides together.
  8. Use a paint brush to brush Mod Podge onto each circle of tissue paper, then secure it against the foam while cupping it in your hand. Cover the entire ball with tissue. 
  9. Trim the wires from the blooms, then use hot glue to attach the leaves, blooms and oranges to your branch.  

For a visual guide, refer to the photo tutorial below as you craft your DIY blooming branch! Feel free to also use the printable version of these instructions to take them on-the-go. 


We used a mix of extra fine crepe, heavy crepe and tissue paper to give this paper orange blossom gorgeous depth and texture. For the blooms, we used Snowflake from the floristic crepe line, but they would also look beautiful in the White paper from the extra fine collection. Last but not least, you’ll need Chiffon for the centers. The shimmery orange tissue comes from our Tropical Squeeze tissue pack, and you can find all of these papers in Shop this Project below. Browse all the specialty papers in our range in our shop

When you are covering your foam balls to craft the oranges, there is no need to add more than one layer of paper around the foam. We used about 6 pieces of tissue per ball. The most important piece for tying your paper orange blossom together is the branch. You can find pretty branches at your local craft store, or you can simply find one in your own backyard like we did! Using a real branch gives it that rustic handmade feel that is perfect for this project. Once you are finished, you can hang it up on a wall, or stick it in a tall vase depending on the size of your branch. It can also make for a lovely centerpiece or piece of mantel decor. 

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Paper Orange Blossom Branch