The Chinese money plant—also known as Pilea plant—is incredibly popular. If you search for Chinese money plants on Instagram, you’ll find more than 14,000 posts. They’re everywhere on Pinterest, too. But they’re not so easy to find in your local plant shops or garden centers. And because they’re in demand, they get snapped up quickly. So why not just make them yourself? We made this Chinese money plant out of frosted paper, and it looks just like the real thing! Scroll down to see how you can make your own Pilea plant.

Popular Pilea

The Pilea plant originates from China and is known for its flat, round, coin-shaped leaves. This is also why some people call it the Chinese money plant (or the pancake plant!). If you want to add some greenery to your home, the Pilea plant is a perfect addition. We think its bright, shiny leaves would look stunning in any room, especially against neutral colored walls or furniture—don’t you think? All you need next is a cozy linen throw and some macrame on the wall.

This plant also has an interesting story! While the Pilea plant is originally from China, it’s more commonly found in Scandinavia. According to legend, a Norwegian missionary spotted the Pilea plant in 1946, brought it back home with him, and shared cuttings with friends. For this reason, the Pilea plant is also known as the pass-it-on plant. So now that we’ve made our own Pilea, we’re sharing the pattern and tutorial with you!

Gather the tools and materials below, then follow our photo tutorial. Full tutorial available for members. Join here. You can also scroll down for printable instructions as well as the printable PDF or SVG cut file you’ll need to make this Chinese money plant. If you’re using a cutting machine, download the SVG file. If you’re cutting by hand, download and print the PDF.

When you’re done making your Chinese money plant, place a coin in the pot. Some say this will bring you good fortune, wealth, and abundance! Also, don’t forget to share your Pilea plant with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

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