Shamrock Headband

St. Patrick’s Day is only a couple of weeks away so it is time to start pulling out your best green attire! If you do not have any green clothes on hand, not to worry. We’ve got you covered! Here is an easy project to make a DIY shamrock headband that will keep you from getting pinched during the holiday. 

Start by finding a green headband to use as a foundation for the craft. You can find this at any local beauty supply store or home goods store such as Target. Once you have your headband, you are ready to gather your paper supplies. For these shamrocks we used the Succulent frosted paper. We also added some gold accents by incorporating gold glitter paper. And here is the most important part for making the shamrock headband: Fiskar’s heart-shaped punch! Arranging three (or four if you’re lucky!) punched hearts together moving counterclockwise creates an exact shamrock shape that you can use for so many crafts other than just this headband. 



  • Lia Griffith Frosted Paper – Succulent and Gold
  • Head band and Pins


After you have your green and gold hearts punched out, you are ready to assemble the shamrock headband. In our design, we decided to glue some shamrocks directly onto the headband, and then added more shamrocks attached to floral wire to create dimension. Layer your shamrocks with varying shades of green and pops of glitter card stock. Pick up some thin floral wire and plug in your hot glue gun because you are ready to craft! Twist your wire around the headband and use hot glue to secure it. You can now glue your punched hearts onto the wire. For the shamrocks glued directly to the headband, glue your shamrocks together before you attach them to the base. For the shamrocks attached the floral wire, glue each heart onto the wire individually.

If a shamrock headband isn’t your style, you can make a shamrock pin instead using the same heart-shaped punches. Layer your shamrocks and add card stock flags with holiday-themed messages in between the shamrocks! Use Fiskars’s 1/8th” hole punch to punch a hole in the bottom shamrock. You can then add green ribbon to hang from your pins. To turn the design into a pin, all you will need to do is attach a pin back (also known as a bar pin) with hot glue. You can find the entire tutorial at Fiskars. Be sure to browse all of our St. Patrick’s Day crafts for more holiday inspiration and party decor! Happy St. Patrick’s Day ~ Lia

Shamrock Headband
Shamrock Headband
Shamrock Headband


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