If you’re working on holiday crafts for your home, here’s a fun one to add to your list! We love these paper snowflake trees so much that we’ve already hung a few in our studio and added them onto a mantel with our crepe paper cones and embroidered felt holiday trees.

Made from different-sized snowflakes, these paper snowflake trees are such a simple project. Though we do recommend using a cutting machine because of all the tiny, narrow cuts, you can always cut them by hand too.

papercut snowflake trees

Snow Much Fun!

You can make these paper snowflake trees using any color of cardstock. We made ours in snowy white, pine green, dusty pink, and silver. We even added a snow-white top onto a green base. You can use these same colors or select your cardstock paper to coordinate with your holiday color palette. 

If you prefer, you can use several wires inside one tree to strengthen and thicken the trunk. You can also make a variety of sizes and heights of trees as you add the snowflakes from small to large. The more snowflakes, the taller your tree!

If you are hanging your paper snowflake trees, add a strand of floss from the top hole and cut base wire. If your trees are potted, secure the base to the pot with hot glue or by adding a small foam ball into your pot. We also found that turning the pot upside down made a balanced base for these mini trees.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tips: Slide your beads onto one of your wires to hold them as you add the paint around each bead. Once dry, you can reuse the wire, as any paint will be covered once the tree is assembled.

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How to Make Paper Snowflake Trees

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the pattern below.
  2. Cut paper according to template notes using a cutting machine or scissors.
  3. Slide a bead onto the wire about 2 inches from the tip. Glue the bead into place.
  4. Slide the largest snowflake onto the wire so it sits on the first bead; add two more beads to the wire.
  5. Continue adding the snowflakes in order from large to small; place two beads between each snowflake.
  6. Place some foam into a pot and press the tree to the foam. Cover the foam with faux moss or stuffie puff.

holiday decor snowflake trees tutorial by Lia Griffith

paper snowflake trees hanging on twine
paper snowflake trees in tiny pots on mantel
paper trees for Christmas
DIY papercut trees
paper snowflake trees in tiny pots on mantel with fake snow fluff and small lights

Make More Holiday Décor

If you use these paper snowflake trees as mantel décor over the winter, we think our holiday felt letters would look really cute with them. You can also explore our site for more Christmas crafts