paper strawberry wreathThe Sweetest Wreath You’ll Ever See!

What better way to celebrate summertime than with a bushel of berries? This 3D strawberry wreath is a quick and fun way to make every day delicious. Though typically thought of as a winter holiday tradition, wreaths are a wonderful way to celebrate all year round. With just a few supplies and a straightforward step-by-step tutorial, life’s a treat! Take a bite out of this project and enjoy ~  

Tools & Materials

  • Cutting Machine (recommended)
  • Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers/Wire Cutters
  • Wooden Skewer or Chopstick
  • Text Weight Paper
  • Art Markers
  • Green Paper Covered Floral Wire – 22 Gauge 

Steps for making your Paper Strawberry Wreath

  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Wrap the natural floral wire around 3 times, twisting together as you go, to form the wreath base. Our wreath was about 9” across when finished. You can also purchase a twiggy wreath from a craft store to use as a base.
  3. Cut out paper pieces according to the pattern (a cutting machine is recommended). Our wreath had 4 large red strawberries, 2 medium pink strawberries, 3 small green strawberries, 9 big leaves, 10 medium leaves, 6 small leaves, and 7 flowers.
  4. Draw seeds onto the strawberries and shade the leafy tops using art markers.
  5. Curl flaps on the strawberries and tops using the edge of a pair of scissors.
  6. Apply glue to the tab on a strawberry and attach to the opposite side to form a conical shape.
  7. Curl the flaps on top and glue closed.
  8. For the bigger strawberry: glue the bigger of the two leafy top pieces on top before adding wire (see below).
  9. To make a stem: bend a length of paper covered floral wire 90° with pliers.
  10. Poke the end through a strawberry top and glue to the underside of the leaf.
  11. Glue the top to the strawberry and gently bend the wire.
  12. Fold the leaves in half. Draw on veins and shade using a green art marker. Curl the edges outward from the center using the edge of a pair of scissors.
  13. Glue the leaves in sets of 3 onto the end of lengths of floral wire, with one leaf on top and the other 2 behind.
  14. To make strawberry blossoms, curl the petals inward using the tapered end of a large wooden skewer or chopstick.
  15. Curl in the yellow stamen centers and glue onto the blossoms.
  16. Attach strawberries and leaves by wrapping the wires into the wreath. You can add a bit of glue to help hold in place if needed.
  17. Glue on the blossoms and additional leaves.  
  18. Continue adding to the wreath, with the leaves moving in one direction. Bend the wire stems for the strawberries so that they hang downward.


We’re a big fan of text weight paper from Paper-Papers. For this project, we used Wild Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Sour Apple, Banana Split, Whip Cream, and Gumdrop Green. For art markers, we love Copic Sketch – we used Garnet (R39), Pink (RV11), Celadon Green (YG25), and Grass Green (YG17). 

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