Our frosted paper succulent kit includes 23 die-cut sheets and a video tutorial link so you can make 26 paper succulents. Depending on the size of the succulents you use for your arrangement, you can fit about five or six succulents into these little paper mache pots. That means with just one kit, you can make about five of these paper succulent valentines. You can craft one as a gift for your friend, family member, coworker, and kiddo — and still have one left over to keep!

Before you arrange your succulents, you can customize the paper mache pots by painting them. I chose a mauve shade and a burgundy shade to make them feel more like a Valentine’s Day gift. Of course the little heart markers also make this very obvious! When the holiday is over, you can always remove the heart markers from your paper succulent valentines and enjoy the greenery in your home all year long.

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