It’s no secret that we all love Terrain here at the office, especially their line of outdoor living products. After seeing one of their outdoor lanterns, our graphic designer Lindsay was inspired to make a papercut version just for you! You can create these paper windowpane lanterns with just a few supplies: cardstock, vellum, and floral wire.

Style them on your mantel, on your (covered) outdoor table, or as centerpiece or table accessory for your wedding. (We styled ours with our plum blossom branch!)

handmade papercut windowpane lanterns

Make some modern paper lanterns

We have made paper lanterns for many occasions. And much like our garden lanterns, these paper windowpane lanterns have a classic look that’s simple to recreate with our PDF template or SVG cut file. We used our cutting machine to make two sets of paper lanterns in different sizes, but the pattern is simple enough to cut by hand if you don’t have a machine.

Ready to make your own lanterns? Follow our easy instructions below. We chose black cardstock for a sleek, modern look, but you could also use silver paper if you prefer a rustic, galvanized metal style. If you don’t have vellum, you can use white parchment paper or tissue paper. Just be sure you use flameless candles! 🙂 

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  1. Download the SVG file if cutting your paper lanterns on a cutting machine, or the PDF if cutting by hand. Cut according to template.
  2. Adhere vellum paper to inside of lantern using scotch tape or a dot roller. Fold lantern according to sore lines; add adhesive to side tab, and assemble as shown in photographs.
  3. Punch a small hole on two opposite sides of the lantern. Bend and shape a black 24-gauge floral wire to form a handle. Trim to desired length, then loop ends inside the lantern to secure.

 paper lanterns for spring table 

DIY paper lanternspaper windowpane lanterns

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