DIY_Papercut_Garden_GlobeWe had huge success with our papercut winter scene in a glass dome so creating a new one for Spring seemed like a must-do project. Created by our illustrator Krista, this design of berry plants, mushrooms and grasses with a little mouse eating his berry is actually super simple to achieve with just four sheets of paper. Our spring garden scene is encased in this sweet little glass dome that we found on Amazon. We used 4 shades of green and taupe papers and the designs were cut using our Cricut cutting machine but as always I’ve also added the PDF file for those who plan to cut by hand. Once your designs are cut, simply bring the edges of each paper around to meet and use a spot of glue to secure at the back. Pop them inside one another in size order and your papercut garden scene is done! You will find score lines on the larger leaves and then gently curl the tall dark grasses with your fingers. Feel free to play around with the paper once it’s cut – you can achieve lots of lovely depth and dimension to this scene by gently manipulating various parts with your fingers or the blunt edge of your scissors. Place it in a favorite place in your home or give this cute garden scene as a gorgeous handmade gift for a friend. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Papercut_Garden_Globe DIY_Papercut_Spring_Garden_Globe