popcornspicesPopcorn Seasoning RecipesAs you may know based on the recipes on the site, I am gluten-free and actually most of our team members are too. Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks to share in the studio, and growing up in my family we seriously munched on popcorn at least once a week. So we came up with a variety of popcorn seasoning recipes to flavor our go-to afternoon treat. It’s a super simple way to take your popcorn up a notch. And it would be great to use these popcorn seasoning recipes to fill your crepe paper corn husks!

We tested out 8 different popcorn seasoning recipes and then narrowed it down to our 3 favorites. And I’m sure we don’t need to mention how fun our afternoon of taste testing was 😉 Our 3 recipes include herb spice seasoning, macho nacho and a spicy Indian masala. All of them are so different and so delicious! To use them, you simply have to pop your popcorn and then sprinkle the seasoning on top. These yummy recipes inspired our designer Lindsay to create gorgeous printable recipe cards that feature pretty fall leaves. Her design then inspired me to create printable labels that you can use for your seasoning shakers. This project was truly a team effort! 

The recipe cards download already has the 3 seasoning recipes typed onto them, but you can easily edit the cards for your own recipes. To customize our fall recipe cards, start by downloading and installing the free fonts BioRhyme for the title and Villeray Semilight for the text. Once your recipe cards are personalized, print onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock. The cards are designed so that you can fold them in half and stand them up as you are whipping up your recipes. You also have the option of cutting them into index card sizes to stick in a recipe box. It’s up to you! To use the shaker labels, print the PDF onto full-sheet label paper and cut each label individually. We found our awesome shakers from World Market. Feel free to let us know how you like the recipes once you make them! Happy Popping ~ Lia and the Team

Popcorn Seasoning RecipesPopcorn Seasoning RecipesPopcorn Seasoning Recipes