This lovely potted crepe paper amaryllis is an intermediate-level craft, but would also be great project for a beginner looking for a challenge. Before you begin, be sure to gather your materials and tools for a seamless crafting experience.

With this month’s collection, we really wanted to shine a bright light on the natural beauty of winter. The plants, the animals, the beautiful colors — we wanted to celebrate it all! Due to its clear association with the holiday season, we chose the bright red amaryllis variety for this project. But, this pretty flower also comes in equally lovely shades ranging from white to deep burgundy.

Aside from its vivid color, the real charm of this pretty flower project ultimately lies in its realistic look. With its detailed stamen and gently curling petals, this amaryllis looks as fresh as one plucked from your garden. Just as the real amaryllis petals arch outwards with elegance and beauty, your crepe paper petals can achieve a similar look with gentle manipulation. It’s all about adding a just a little bit of magic. 

These amaryllises would undoubtedly look beautiful as a bright seasonal arrangement in a vase or as added flair to a wreath or a gift. However, for our crepe paper amaryllis flowers, we chose to style them in a pot as a bold decorative statement.

As always, we love seeing all of your wonderful finished projects. So, please remember to share them with us in our crafters community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.