potted paper strawberry plant

To craft your own potted paper strawberry plant, all you have to do is visit this post on PaperPapers website to download the plant pattern. We recommend using our SVG file with your cutting machine. But you can also cut your plant by hand with our PDF template. Once you’ve cut all your pieces, just follow along with our photo tutorial below to learn how to assemble your potted paper strawberry plant.

For this sweet paper strawberry plant, we used PaperPapers Poptone text weight paper. We are absolutely in love with this paper for our summer crafts! It offers the perfect thickness to remain firm yet malleable and is super fun and bright. To discover your own perfect shade, browse PaperPapers wide selection here.

Another fun idea is to craft these paper strawberries and leaves for a strawberry wreath. Or you could use your strawberries as paper decor for a summer party.

How to Make a Potted Paper Strawberry Plant

  1. Gather the tools and materials.
  2. Cut out paper pieces according to the pattern (cutting machine recommended). Our potted strawberry plant has: 2 large red strawberries, 1 medium pink strawberry, 2 small green strawberries, 18 big leaves, 9 medium, 9 small, and 4 flowers.
  3. Draw seeds onto strawberries and shade the leafy tops using art markers.
  4. Curl flaps on the strawberries and tops using the edge of a pair of scissors or curling tool.
  5. Apply glue to the tab on a strawberry and attach to the opposite side to form a conical shape.
  6. Curl flaps on top and glue closed, overlapping.
  7. For the bigger strawberry: glue the bigger of the two leafy top pieces on top before adding wire (see below).
  8. To make a stem: bend a length of paper covered floral wire 90° with pliers.
  9. Poke end through a strawberry top and glue to the underside of the leaf.
  10. Glue top to strawberry and gently curve wire.
  11. Draw veins and shade leaves with an art marker. Fold the leaves in half, then curl the edges outward using the edge of a pair of scissors or curling tool.
  12. Glue leaves in sets of 3 (same size) on the end of the floral wire – First glue 2 on opposite sides under the wire, with the third on top in the middle.
  13. Curl blossom petals inward using then end of a wooden skewer or chopstick, and then curl the tips of the leaves upward.
  14. Curl stamen centers inward. Glue and stack 2 stamen centers together, then glue in the middle of the blossoms.
  15. Bend a length of paper covered floral wire 90° with pliers, then poke the end through the leafy top and glue to the topside (like with the big strawberries). Glue the blossom on top.
  16. Wrap the finished strawberries and blossom stems together using floral tape, in sets of 2 and 3.
  17. Place moss or decorative stones into the terracotta pot, on top of foam (to fit). Stick the ends of the wire into the middle, fanning outward to the edges. Trim ends to fit.
  18. Fill the pot starting with the berries curling over the pot rim on the bottom, with smaller leaves. Then, finish filling out the pot with the bigger/medium sized leaves on top, fanning up and out with the blossoms poking through between the sets of leaves.

potted paper strawberry plant tutorial

paper strawberries paper strawberry plantdiy strawberry plant

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