printable easter tags

Printable Easter Tags For You!

Easter is my favorite holiday. . . this month. I really do love every holiday! For some reason, maybe because it’s spring, I am quite smitten with pinks and pastels. What a perfect time to designs an Easter party set just for you. I am starting with these printable Easter tags for baskets or gifts. You can use the button at the end of the post to download the PDF onto your desktop. These tags are editable so you can personalize them with the recipients name.  

How To Get Started

Download the PDF at the foot of this post.If you are not a member yet, pop over this way to discover why membership could work for you. Next, you will want to install the free font Museo Slab so that your tags will match what you see in these photos. Once that is done, open you PDF in Adobe Acrobat and select the editable text to add your own. You can print these onto card stock and trim. I did make these tags large to suite the bigger baskets, and if you would like them smaller just select a size percentage in your print window. It is as easy as that. Now just punch a hole at the top and tie them onto your baskets.

More To Explore

You can find the tutorial for the brown paper bag basket here. We also have a tutorial on how to make elegant Easter eggs that would look gorgeous with these tags. Browse through all of our DIY Easter projects for more inspiration, or tell us what Easter projects you are currently working on in the comments below! Share your DIY Easter project photos with us using #MadeWithLia, and follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for daily doses of creative inspiration. More Easter printables tomorrow! ~ Lia

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