We love to label around here! Labeling keeps us organized, makes re-ordering easy, and helps our crafting projects go faster. Getting organized with labels makes it easy for us to find what we need right away. It also helps us put things back in the same spot. If you’re trying to organize your craft room (or any room, really), Stamp-n-Storage, IKEA, and Storables have a lot of great options. After getting all our storage cabinets and units in place, we made these printable storage labels for everything in our craft room.

Label All The Things!

Are your craft supplies scattered all over a desk? Or do you ever have to search through a bunch of bins to find what you need? These printable storage labels will come in handy. Imagine walking into a room that’s always free of clutter. You don’t have to waste time looking for things. And everything looks clean and beautiful. When your craft room is organized, it feels like a breath of fresh air—so exciting! It also makes us feel calm and ready to create.

We like these printable labels because you can put them on all types of storage options— from jars to bins to baskets. These labels also make it easy for us to see where all our Fiskars craft tools and materials are and quickly grab what we need for our DIY projects. As you can see from our photos, we used these organization labels to identify paper by brand and color. We also labeled our different iron-on varieties as well as the size of our foam balls and floral wire gauges.

To make your own storage labels, download these free Klinic Slab fonts. Then, scroll down for our editable PDF. Use the PDF to create the labels you need and print them on vinyl sticker paper.

Love to label? Tell us what keeps you organized! You can also use the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram or Facebook to share how you used these printable storage labels.
Labels for different sizes of foam balls Storage labels on baskets underneath craft table Printable label for different sizes of floral wire "Recycle" label on wicker basket Storage labels on organizational unit "Scissors" storage label on drawer Storage label on basket Storage labels for various iron-on options in custom-made storage cabinet Printable storage labels for Fiskars tools, foam balls, and other craft supplies