To Do List TemplateWhenever I do my planning, I always like to handwrite my lists. It’s difficult to say exactly why, but it almost feels cathartic to spill everything that is buzzing around in my head onto paper. I start my workdays in the studio with a to do list template the reads “What Should I Create Today?” I keep it with me throughout the day and add to it when new ideas come up. I also take a fresh sheet with me to every meeting so I don’t miss anything. Today I’m sharing a generic version of my to do list template as a freebie if you want to try it out in your own day-to-day! 

In my template that I use at work, I have one column for website projects and one column for brand projects. Of course, this structure does not fit for anyone else’s schedule, so I created this version to include a column for to-do’s at work and to-do’s around the house. You can easily change this to fit with whatever you are using it for. To edit the “around the house” or “work” text on this to do list template, start by downloading and installing the free font Arcon. Once you’ve customized the template, print onto regular copy paper and you are ready to use it. If you are interested in other organization ideas or planners, you can also take a look at our tropical notebooks, which includes a to do list template and shopping list template. 

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To Do List TemplateTo Do List Template