Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms Thyme RecipeToday is the 17th day of my 21-day Clean cleanse! I will admit those little French macarons from Wednesday’s post were a huge temptation, but I am really liking the clear mind and boost of energy I am getting from this journey. Today for lunch I made one of my favorite side dishes that is perfect for this cleanse as well as any day. I made this Quinoa Risotto to go along with my sliced turkey and vegetable salad.

Some claim quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a seed while others believe it belongs to the grain family. Whichever group it falls into, this ancient Peruvian food is a great source of nutrition and is full of protein. I eat quinoa like rice, make it in my rice cooker, add it to soups in the winter or make a quinoa salad with fresh from the garden vegetables in the summer. This recipe is a great replacement for rice or pasta any time of the year. It is perfect for both the gluten-free and the vegan diet. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Quinoa Risotto MushroomsIngredients for Quinoa Mushroom Risotto

Risotto Quinoa Mushroom