DIY Tote Bag
DIY Farmers Market Tote Bag
Now that summer is in full swing and the farmer’s markets are filling up with summer vegetable, fruits, flowers and other local foods,  I wanted to make a fun tote bag that was large enough to carry all of my purchases and be comfortable to carry for my weekly market visit. I found this bright summer ikat chevron linen blend fabric for the bag and a coordinating salmon polka dot for the lining of the bag. The lining is a stiff outdoor fabric which adds extra body to the bag and is water resistant which makes it easy to clean. Though I often invent my sewing projects this time I chose this McCall pattern for a quick sew. Since the lining is already stiff I skipped the interfacing step of the pattern instructions. Even though I am a fairly advanced seamstress, I have to admit the black and white drawings in the instructions took a little bit of studying to follow. It is however, a brilliant method to creating a quick and polished looking bag so I encourage you to give it a try. My photo tutorial in addition to the pattern instructions should help you zip through it seamlessly. Wait, you will need seams so maybe not seamlessly. . . Anyhow, from start to finish, the bag took less than two hours. It turned out perfect and Saturday I took it for a test run with my daughter, Emily to show you the finished bag in these photos. Happy beginning of summer! ~ Lia

Tote Bag for Farmers Market
Market Bag Tutorial