Shamrock Art PrintLuck Isn’t Just for the Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day may not be one of those holidays that you have to go all out for, but it is always nice to give a little acknowledgement to the day when it arrives. As our nod to the day of green, we designed this beautiful watercolor shamrock art print. If you’re looking for a little seasonal decor, this is the way to go! There are two versions of the design, one with a black accent leaf and one with a faux gold foil accent leaf. Simply download the design, then print onto white cardstock. Keep the print as is, or trim it down and stick it in a frame. We wanted to use a nicer quality cardstock for our print, so we went with our go-to brand, Hammermill. Find a link in Shop this Project. 

Foiling Your Print

If you have a laminating machine, you also have the option to elevate the shamrock art print a bit by adding real gold foil. You will need to first print the design on a laser printer – foil will only be able to adhere to the ink a laser printer. After printing, place foil sheets over the areas you want foiled and send it through the laminator. No need to get a fancy machine, we added a link to our simple laminator that we bought from Amazon (at the time we were preparing this post it was on sale for $20)! Take away any excess foil and your print is ready for hanging! Who knows, this wall art may even bring you luck 😉

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Browse through all of our St. Patrick’s Day projects for more inspiration, like our shamrock t-shirts or our classic St. Patty’s Day candy huggers. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the new projects that we’ll be rolling out for the holiday, or pop over to our membership page to start downloading. We love getting you in on the creative process, so always feel free to add your project requests and suggestions to the comments below. And share your project photos with us using #DIYDreamingWithLia so we can admire your makes! Enjoy ~ Lia & Team 


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