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As part of our Midwestern floral bouquet for Cricut, our simple paper daisies are paper flower perfection. A classic design that can be recreated in any color your heart desires! We made our daisies using our new Cricut Maker cutting machine, but feel free to cut using the older Cricut Explore Air or a good old fashioned pair of scissors. Gather your supplies and follow along our simple step-by-step photo tutorial for daisy divinity! More Midwestern magic coming soon…  

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out the paper pieces according to the pattern (cutting machine recommended).
  3. Crease the center of each petal using the edge of a pair of scissors.
  4. With the edge of the scissors, curl the tips of the yellow flower center inward.
  5. Glue the yellow circle inside the curled piece. Stack and glue the petals together in the center, biggest to smallest, rotating the petals for each layer.
  6. Next, glue the center onto the flower.
  7. Wrap three pieces of floral wire with floral tape, leaving about 1/2” uncovered.
  8. Bend the three exposed wire tips outward. Trim shorter if needed.
  9. Form the green flower back around the wire and glue into place by overlapping the edge.
  10. Apply plenty of glue inside the back and around the edge. Attach to the back of the flower bloom.
  11. Then bend the flower stem slightly to face the bloom outward.
  12. For the leaves, glue wire to the back of a leaf and wrap the base and wire with floral tape. You can continue to wrap it onto the flower stem to attach, or leave it on an individual wire.

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