Paper Feather Candle WrapsBoho Candle Wraps for Easy Home Decor

We have been loving the boho style these days, and we recently designed an entire Boho Glam party for our New Year’s Eve celebration. Now that the New Year’s celebrations are over and 2017 is in full swing, we decided to think of ways to repurpose our boho decor. One of our favorite pieces from our Boho Glam party was our fabulous (and fabulously easy!) paper feather backdrop. Using the same cut-outs, we created these gorgeous paper feather candle wraps in less than 10 minutes. 

A Stylish and Effortless DIY Candle Project!

Because we are using paper for these candle wraps, we definitely recommend starting with flameless LED candles rather than the real thing. No need to create a fire hazard with this project! We found our pretty candles at our nearest West Elm, but you should be able to find them at any local home goods. Download the paper feather templates below to start cutting. There is a PDF version if you are cutting by hand, or an SVG to use with a cutting machine. At this step, you can choose your color palette. Pick out some pretty metallic papers or glitter cardstocks at your go-to paper store. We went with a deep teal and metallic accents, and you can find links for all the papers we used in this post.

Choose your Color Palette and Materials to Personalize

Once you cut out your feathers in your favorite hues, all you need is some string! We used a gold embroidery floss, but a rustic twine or leather cording would also look great. Wrap your cording around the candle as many times as you’d like and then slip your feathers between the string. These feather candle wraps are too simple! For another show-stopping project that you can use for your boho glam home decor, be sure to check out our boho paper party lantern. Head to our membership page to start downloading, or leave a comment telling us what you’d like to craft next. Cheers! ~ Lia and the Team 

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