Living_Room_Television_CoverTNAt the beginning of this month, I shared my updated living room decor with you. I made new pillows using our own designed fabric from Spoonflower in shades of coral and navy – you can find my video tutorial here. I also put together a DIY fireplace cover made from birch wood discs, made a copper light fixture for the ceiling and painted myself a new piece of art for my TV cover. I’ll admit to enjoying a little movie time now and then, so I have a large TV on the south wall of my living room. I love having it in my living room when I snuggle up for the evening, but the rest of the time I don’t want the television to be the focal point.

I know some people find the thought of making their own art daunting but it doesn’t need be! The great thing about paint is that if you don’t like it, you can just paint over it! I began with a large canvas from the craft store that completely covers my television. I love color block art pieces, so I painted stripes in varying tones of grey and coral acrylic paint to be in sync with the rest of my summer room decor. Once completely dry, I ran a thin strip of double-sided tape between the stripes and covered them with gold and silver leaf. I then covered the whole piece with clear finish to seal the foil. Ta-dah! Art!

Next, I called in my carpenter to create a frame and hanging bracket that would encase the television and make it easy to me to remove and rehang between viewings. We have prepared a tutorial below with the steps for making this. One of the benefits of this frame is that I can easily replace the artwork for each season. I’m already thinking about the next piece of art. I know exactly what it will be!  ~ Lia

Framed_Art_Television_Cover TVCoverTutorial